This course is designed to assist students in understanding the experiences and situations they will face after high school.  The main units include the study

                        of economics, career preparation, postsecondary preparation, and money                                       management.  Additional topics include the following: values evaluation, goal setting,                  job hunting skills (resume, cover letter, thank you letter, interviewing techniques),                                 financial management across the lifespan, housing, automobiles, budgeting, credit,                                     debt, and identity fraud.   Additionally, each student will complete a job shadow to                              gain a better understanding of their future career.  This is a project-based course that                                prepares students to successfully live on their own. 

The nutrition education course is designed to actively engage students in basic nutrition concepts, enabling them to make healthful choices regarding food selection, eating habits, exercise, and simple food preparation.  Potential units of study may include (but are not limited to); influences on eating habits, the healthy eating pyramid, reading food labels, basic nutrients and their impact on the body, caloric intake and expenditure, healthy weight maintenance techniques, nutrition specific health dilemmas, and basic cooking principles; including food/kitchen safety and sanitation.

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Course Description:  Students will learn how infants, toddlers & preschoolers develop

mentally, physically, emotionally and socially. Units covered include pregnancy,

labor and delivery, infertility, infant care, and development from birth through age six.

Students will be required to observe and evaluate children,  research

topics related to child development, prepare and complete presentations,

participate in small and large group discussions, work cooperatively in groups, analyze

parenting techniques and learn how to successfully parent a developing child. 

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